How to fix the Confirm Form Resubmission error on Chrome and Firefox?

Thousand of users around the world has encountered with the Confirm Form Resubmission on Chrome or Firefox error everyday. This error normally happen with your internet browser if you click the reload or back button after submit a form to a website. On Firefox, error come with ERR_CACHE_MISS code.

Confirm Form Resubmission on Chrome.
Confirm Form Resubmission on Chrome.

You could get a pop-up message and warn you that the internet browser must resend data to be able to show the webpage again. Google intergrated this feature on Chrome browser to help users unintentionally duplicating POST actions on forms, such as submitting the same article, placing the same order or sending a verification twice.

I list several methods here for you, including those which only apply for old version of Chrome or Firefox in case you have not updated your internet browser for awhile.

For Google Chrome internet browser

Method 1: Replace POST with GET

When the Confirm Form Resubmission message pop-up, look at the address bar, you will see a part of link contains this text: ‘<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=”post”>’. Now try to replace ‘post‘ with ‘get‘ and the text will look like this: ‘<form action=”index.php?load=SEARCH” method=”get”>’

After replace ‘post‘ with ‘get‘, hit Enter key and check if the error message still persists.

Method 2: Using the ‘-disable-prompt-on-repost’ parameter

This method only work for old version of Chrome and was broken in later versions. If you’re using Chrome and have not updated it for awhile, then try the following guide may fix Confirm Form Resubmission error:

  1. On your Desktop, find the Google Chrome browser icon, then right-click on it;
  2. Select Properties to bring up the Properties window;

  1. On Shorcut tab, in the Target field, add ‘-disable-prompt-on-repost’ after and then save the properties.

Back to Chrome and check if the error is fixed.

Method 3: Clear cache and cookies of the internet browser

If method 1 or 2 does not fix the problem, try to clear its cache and cookies may fix Confirm Form Resubmission problem. To do this:

  1. Open Chrome internet browser, click More Options (three vertical dots icon) on the up-right conner;

  1. In open window, choose Clear browsing data option on Basic tab, or you can more detail option on Advanced tab then select ‘Clear data’ button;

Once done, check if the problem is fixed.

Method 4: Update Google Chrome internet browser

Some Google Chrome user have reported that Confirm Form Resubmission problem have been removed by Google Chrome updates, so it’s not a bad idea to update your internet browser if more recent versions are available.

For Firefox internet browser

Confirm Form Resubmission on Firefox.
Confirm Form Resubmission on Firefox

In Firefox, the Confirm Form Resubmission issue don’t come in a pop-up message, but come with ERR_CACHE_MISS error code. To disable it:

  1. Open Firefox internet browser, select More Option (three horizontal line icon) on the up-right conner, then select Option;

  1. Select ‘Privacy & Security’ on the left site bar;

  1. Now croll down and select ‘Clear Data’ under ‘Cookies and Site Data’ section;

  1. Select data to be clear then click Clear button;
  2. Restar Firefox then check for the issue is fixed.

If the Confirm Form Resubmission error is still persists, then there is no more solution, the Chrome modules is written so badly that it is probably impossible to fix. And nobody dares rebuilt it from scratch.

Beside ERR_CACHE_MISS error code on Firefox, there more error code that I will write in other post. Hope one of above methods will work for you!