Get ‘Your connection is not private’ error? Here’s how to fix it!

One day like any other, you turn your computer on and start browsing your favorite sites as usual. Instead of showing your site, you get ‘Your connection is not private’ message, including NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID. Your intuition tells you that your computer has infected some kind of malware or virus, it’s not private anymore.

Stay calm and do not worry, start reading to find out what it is, and how to deal with it.

Google Chrome is a simple browser with very easy to use UI. Although it has a large number of users and regularly updated, errors still appear usually. The ‘Your connection is not private’ error message on Google Chrome typically due to failed confirmation of Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. Maybe a problem has occurred with the SSL connection, and cause the confirmation to fail.

Go through the below methods may help you to fix this problem.

Method 1: Resync your computer’s date & time to the internet

Not just for displaying the current time on your computer, system time is used for a lot of other tasks. Any SSL certificate has marked inside with start being valid time and expire time. Hence, the SSL security protocol requires that your computer have the exact time. So a wrong system time may cause the error. To resync your computer time:

  1. Right-click system time on the taskbar, then select ‘Adjust date/time’;

  1. On the pop-up Settings window, set the right time zone for you and turn ‘Set time automatically’ option on.

There’s another way to do that by hitting the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows + I’. In the pop-up window, select ‘Time & Language’, make sure you’re in ‘Date & time’ tab, then do the same as step 2 above.

Method 2: Disable the HTTP scan feature on your antivirus program or firewall

If your computer’s system time is correct, there’s a possible chance that your antivirus program or firewall has considered the site’s SSL certificate to be unusual. Hence, it shows you the ‘Your connection is not private’ message. So, disable the HTTP scan feature on your antivirus program may fix the problem. If it does not work, you even need to disable the Real-Time Protection feature on your antivirus program, it’s called SSL Scanning on other programs.
After finish, refresh or access the site again to check if this method works.

Method 3: Process to the website manually

There’s a way to bypass this error automatically but I do not recommend it. What happens if it automatically bypasses some dangerous website. I just recommend you should bypass the ‘Your connection is not private’ message manually if you are sure the site is safe.

There’re 2 situations you should apply this method: First situation, you have applied method 1 and 2 to confirm system time, antivirus program or firewall are not the cause. Second situation, you are absolutely sure your browser shows the ‘Your connection is not private’ message is from the same domain you are attempting to access.

Very simple to apply this method, you just need to click the Advanced button, then click the ‘Proceed to the_site (unsafe)’ link at the bottom of the webpage.

The ‘Your connection is not private’ message is not a critical error, I hope you would solve it with methods I have mentioned above.