Explain about Vulkan Runtime Libraries!

When you go to Windows ‘Apps & features’ or ‘Program and Features’ to change or uninstall programs, you suddenlly realize Vulkan Runtime Libraries was installed on the system and you have no idea of its existence. Ordinary users may not aware of it because its stand alone installation is not widely used but with other programs instead.

So what is Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

Vulkan Runtime Libraries is a 3D graphics and compute API by Khronos Group. It’s also known as Vulkan Run Time Libraries or VulkanRT. It could be installed during installation process of display card drivers from NVIDIA, Intel or AMD manufacturer. Therefore I could say Vulkan Run Time Libraries is safe and you don’t need to do anything with it.

Do you need remove Vulkan Runtime Libraries?

As mentioned, Vulkan Runtime Libraries relates to display card drivers, but not all games use it. Hence you could uninstall the program without any bad affect on the system after you can confirm no installed game need it.

If you are playing Talos Principle, Dota 2 or Star Citizen game on your computer, I recommend you should not uninstall the program. Beside that, some game emulators game engines like Dolphin Emulator, CryEngine, Valve Corporation’s Source 2, ID Tech, Unreal Engine and Unity are suport the program too.

To uninstall the program:

  1. Hit the Window + I shortcut on your keyboard to bring up Windows Settings;
  2. Select Apps to access installed programs list;

  1. Type Vulkan in the search box;
  2. Left-click on Vulkan Run Time Libraries to show uninstall option.

Consider before you uninstall Vulkan Run Time Libraries because if after remove it from Windows and you need and reinstall it again, games could refuse to start it. The only one option now is, you need to uninstall then reinstall your  display card drivers.

Hope the information in this post could answer your questions!