Download all Google Drive, Google Docs

“How to easily download all of your Google Drive files at once?”. This question make many people confused and try to find an answer for themself. This simple article will show you how to do it easily.

If you want to download all your files on Google Drive or Google Docs, there are several different ways in which this can be achieved but the best method is to navigate to and click on the Control Your Content to create an archive of all of your Google Drive files.

Alternatively, users can simply use select all – Ctrl + A (Windows) or command + A (Mac) – from within their Drive window to select all of their files and then click Download. This method is not as effective, however, because users with a large number of files will not be able to easily select all of them at one time.

The third way to download all of your Google Drive files is to download the local Google Drive app (Backup and Sync) for whatever operating system that you’re using.

You can then sync your Google Drive account with the local app to automatically download all of your Drive files to your local computer.

Again, the most robust solution is to access Google’s MyAccount page and create a Google Drive archive using that.